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At Jacqueline Leigh Creations┬áthe process of turning raw materials into something beautiful and unique is both thrilling and rewarding – fulfilling the potential of the beautiful materials in becoming a creation custom made to suit your desires. We want you to experience the joy that comes only from receiving and cherishing something is handmade just for you. Think tailor made, except accessories.

This is not just any online shopping store – we pride ourselves on making your item exactly as you want it whether it be the gorgeous Emmaline Bags & Patterns Necessity Clutch Wallet, cushion covers, or a manbag. There are no┬álarge scale manufacturing runs by external companies to mass produce each item – everything made at Jacqueline Leigh Creations is hand made and one of a kind.

Want something unique, but custom made isn’t for you? We stock a select range of ready made creations including purses, bags and original artworks by Jacqueline Copeman that we know you’ll fall in love with.

Jacqueline Leigh Creations now ships worldwide for your convenience – wherever you are, we’ll make sure you get some Jacqueline Leigh Creations love.